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What Clients Say about Business Consulting

Business Results

“Dr. Cheri, I’ve worked with good leadership coaches before. But, from just one session with you, I received such a tremendous gift – an actual visceral change — that has already helped me immensely, at work and at home!” DV, Banking Executive, Atlanta, Georgia

“Dr. Cheri helped me to clearly identify my strengths and weakness. This has allowed me to vastly improve my leadership and refine my communication skills. She helped me see the relationship I have with each team member. This allowed me to better understand my co-workers and improve the overall work products created as a team. After attending Dr. Cheri’s workshops and receiving individual coaching I have developed a plan that will help me reach the next level of my career.”  Angela Hendrieth, Workforce Development Coordinator, City of Tallahassee

“Dr. Rainey is an excellent presenter who delivers a quality program every time. Her depth of knowledge and great communication skills ensures that every class is a success.” MJ, Human Resources City Government

“Before my Breakthrough Program, I felt that sometimes everyone was going off in opposite directions and it was difficult to generate a team response. I now consciously operate on a daily basis from a position of energy, love and power. My relationships with my family have become playful and easy, as opposed to obligatory and sometimes resentful. My interactions with my clients are focused, productive and energized. I now feel that I am operating as a member of a team, both with family and clients, which creates fantastic results.”JDM, Wall Street Executive, Connecticut

“I enjoyed the individual attention you gave each participant in our class. Some of the graphs were dismal, but you encouraged me by offering tips to improve in those areas. One tip was to become more assertive. Recently, my job duties changed. I took your challenge and went in to my supervisor and asked for a raise. The result is its in process as we speak. You help us to learn more about ourselves, and how we can make change in small steps. Thanks so much for helping improve my lot in life.Gail C. Copeland, Secretary, Public Works - Operations Division, City of Tallahassee

“Dr. Cheri has consistently provided excellent training sessions for our community leadership program. She provides professional and practical strategies for individuals to identify their personal leadership style in a manner that can be applied to all areas of life.” — Barbara Boone, Executive Director, Leadership Tallahassee, Greater Tallahasee Chamber of Commerce


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CHERYL A. RAINEY, PH.D., is a licensed psychotherapist specializing in solution-oriented paths to natural, dynamic, experiential healing and transformation. Dr. Cheri is also an international speaker and leadership coach in the field of creative business … [more]

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